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What Anime Is Natsu From

I Modo Fire Dragon King

How to Draw Anime – Fairy Tail Natsu | Mei Yu (Fun2draw) Online Anime Lessons

Como um Dragon Slayer, e de primeira geração, Natsu tem acesso a muitas habilidades. O Modo Rei Dragão de Fogo fornece a ele habilidades extremamente destrutivas, revestindo-o de chamas incríveis.

Ao assumir esta forma, o próprio solo se torna um inferno carmesim e dá a Natsu força suficiente para derrotar um membro Spriggan 12 com um único golpe.

No entanto, o principal motivo de ser tão poderoso é que quando usado em conjunto com o poder de Igneel, Natsu foi capaz de confrontar Zeref diretamente e aniquilar sua magia negra.

Verdadeira Forma De Natsu

A verdadeira forma de Natsu Dragneel é Etherious Natsu Dragneel, abreviação de END. Criado pelo Dark Mage, Zeref, Natsu foi capaz de acessar seu poder demoníaco depois que a massa de Magia no peito foi aumentada pelo Comando T. de Brandish

Ao fazer isso, suas feições se tornaram mais demoníacas e seu poder aumentou imensamente; Afinal, ele foi feito para matar um imortal.

Ao enfrentar Dimaria, ele se moveu livremente dentro de um mundo distorcido pelo tempo, tornando-o capaz de superar até mesmo os deuses. Após a adição de Wild Flames of Emotion, Natsu derrotou Zeref, que era alimentado pelo Fairy Heart.

Todos esses feitos já tornam a transformação FIM de Natsu extremamente poderosa; no entanto, ainda não o vimos usá-lo em toda a sua extensão.

Infelizmente, devido ao Demon Seed e ao Book of END serem destruídos, provavelmente não veremos esta forma novamente.

Os 10 Melhores Casais De Fairy Tail

Como em muitos outros casos, Fairy Tail iniciou como sendo apenas um mangá, mas depois do estrondoso sucesso rapidamente se transformou num dos maiores do Japão!

Tal popularidade fez com que um anime deFairy Tail fosse criado, estreando em 2009, três anos depois do primeiro mangá ter sido publicado.

É certo que Fairy Tail tem muitos pontos de interesse, mas uma das coisas que os fãs do anime mais gostam são os casais que surgem ao longo da história. A personalidade tão diferente e a forma como se relacionam, fazem com que ninguém fique indiferente a estas duplas.

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A Nova Transformao De Natsu

O relacionamento de Natsu com seus irmãos nem sempre foi o melhor, falando levianamente.

Na Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest, seu irmão adotivo, Ignia, o Deus Dragão do Fogo, quer lutar contra Natsu até a morte.

Levando as coisas em perspectiva, com o poder de Ignia sendo comparável com Acnologia, é impossível para Natsu derrotá-lo sozinho, ainda.

Muitos fãs estão especulando que Natsu se transformará completamente em um dragão desta vez.

Acredita-se que Ignia pode criar uma nova Semente do Dragão e implantá-la em seu irmão adotivo para despertar seu potencial completo.

No entanto, isso parece improvável, já que Mashima está mais inclinado a dar a Natsu power-ups temporários em sua forma básica, ao invés de algo permanente. Talvez o poder da amizade também entre em jogo aqui.

Com a transformação completa do dragão riscada, Natsu provavelmente encontrará uma maneira melhor de controlar as chamas de Ignia e, junto com Aldoron, ele eventualmente será capaz de fortalecer sua Força de Dragão e ganhar um grande aumento de poder.

Fazendo isso, Natsu também assumirá uma forma inteiramente nova que pode ser capaz de ter uma chance contra o Deus Dragão do Fogo.

Grand Magic Games Arc

Natsu Dragneel

While Lucy is losing the fight to Flare, Natsu’s excellent hearing allows him to hear that Flare is cheating. He helps Lucy by freeing Asuka, and then smiles when she casts Urano Metria.

After Lucy’s loss to Flare Corona, she cries due to the frustration that she lost. Natsu is there to encourage her and even held out his hand, stating that having zero points makes it fun and that they would turn it around from that point on. He also told Lucy to save the tears for when they win. Lucy replies by saying how she is now fired up. Later, when she was in the infirmary due to several injuries, Natsu was one of the first people who noticed she wasn’t there, as well as Wendy and Porlyusica.

When Lucy was taking a shower after her loss to Flare, Natsu immediately turned around and said “I will go check up on her,” resulting in Elfman saying he can’t. Natsu at first doesn’t understand why, but then realizes before he is stopped by Erza, preventing him from peeping. In addition, when Lucy lost both matches against Flare and Minerva, Natsu was supposedly the first one to be at her side, and even rested her head on his lap.

Natsu talking to Lucy

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Key Of The Starry Sky Arc

Note: The events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Natsu and Lucy dancing

Natsu and Happy take up a job that requests to have a man named Velveno captured and put in jail. The client of the job, Count Balsamico, hosts a ball every seven years which only wizards may attend. The purpose of the ball is to find an appropriate husband for Balsamico’s daughter, Aceto. The wizards going on the mission must practice social dancing because the event is a ball. Lucy and Natsu dance together when they practice for the ball, but Natsu keeps stepping on Lucy’s foot. Lucy, Natsu, Warren, Gray, Erza, Elfman, Happy, Carla and Wendy take the quest.

After their job had a touching ending, Lucy wishes that one day someone would propose to her in a similar manner. Natsu approaches to Lucy from behind and calls her name. Blushing, Lucy turns around but finds that he is actually planning to go back because he has eaten too much, showing his round belly. Lucy begs him to stay and asks him to dance with her. Natsu and Lucy are seen dancing together while Natsu is still stepping on Lucy’s feet, and the Troia that Wendy cast on him to prevent his motion sickness on the moving dancing platforms runs out.

Clash With The Fists Arc

When he returns, he begins fighting other delinquents on the street. This leads to him saving;Honoka Shirahama;when she is attacked by delinquents and takes her to his house to treat her wounds. He soon grows fond of her because she reminds him of his late younger sister. When he and Loki find out that she is Kenichi’s younger sister, Loki decides to kidnap her to lure Kenichi. While Natsu protests this, Loki blackmails him by tricking him into thinking that;Kensei;has ordered ;Loki to kill Kenichi. Nonetheless, Loki initially allows Hermit to fight Kenichi, but when the battle proves to be even, Loki interrupts it by threatening to kill Honoka if Kenichi continues to fight back. When Hermit refuses to continue fighting, Loki attacks Kenichi. Eventually, Hermit decides to rescue Honoka and announces to Loki that he has now decided to quit Ragnarok.;Odin;then appears and reveals that Loki had deceived Hermit by using Kensei’s name and offers to give Hermit a chance to return to Ragnarok, but is turned down. After Odin and Loki leave, Hermit and Kenichi continue their battle, and Hermit is defeated. The two are treated at the Ryzanpaku;and while Natsu returns to school the next day, he vows to defeat Kenichi;someday.

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Former Magic And Abilities

Fire Dragon Slayer Doll

Ushi no Koku Mairi : During his fight with Kain Hikaru, Natsu briefly gained possession of Kain’s doll, Mr. Cursey, and utilized its abilities.

  • Fire Dragon Slayer Doll: Natsu uses his Fire Dragon Slayer techniques and ignites Mr. Cursey, which, at the time, would need to have Lucy‘s hair, causing the fire to appear on Lucy, herself. Lucy, however, is unharmed by the flames and can use them to her own advantage.
  • Fire Dragon’s Iron Fist : While using Fire Dragon Slayer Doll, Lucy, under Natsu’s control, punches her opponent with great force.
  • Secret Attack: Lucy Fire : While Mr. Cursey has been lit with Fire Dragon Slayer Magic flames, thereby causing Lucy herself to become ignited in flames, Happy, holding Mr. Cursey, flies at the target, using Max Speed, causing Lucy to do the same, hitting the intended target with great force.

Natsu releases Igneel’s Magic Power

Igneel’s Magic Power: Through ten months of dedicated training, Natsu became capable of accessing the residual, inert Magic Power of Igneel that was left within him. During this time a draconian tattoo appeared on his arm that served as the physical manifestation of the aforementioned Magic Power. The Magic Power bestowed to Natsu is said to be the manifestation of Igneel’s undying will, however, it is extremely finite, and once it runs out, the user can never utilize its power again.

Natsu with the Seven Fire Dragon’s Power

Naruto Uzumaki Lacked A Parental Figure & Had Good Battle Instincts

Fairy Tail New Series! Lucy and Natsu Together 2018 Anime

Another shonen protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki of the Hidden Leaf Village would relate to both Natsu and Edward Elric on many levels. Naruto grew up without his parents, and indeed, Natsu spent most of his life lacking any parental figures aside from Igneel the dragon.

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Naruto is headstrong, brave to the point of being reckless, and quite fond of all his friends and fellow villagers. Naruto isn’t terribly brilliant, but he has a creative and resourceful mind, and he has good instincts in battle. The same is true of Natsu.

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Fairy Tail: 10 Anime Characters Who Are Just Like Natsu Dragneel

Natsu Dragneel is an excitable shonen hero who fights for his friends. That means he’s in good company.

Fairy Tailis a long-running shonen fantasy series, and it stars Natsu Dragneel as the main lead, alongside Lucy Heartfilia, the Celestial wizard. Both of them belong to the namesake Fairy Tail guild, a place where guildmates are valued as friends. In the Fairy Tail guild, no one fights alone, and when Natsu’s friends are in danger, he’ll fight to the end to protect them.

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Between that gung-ho attitude and his fire-based powers, Natsu may remind viewers of many other anime characters too, from their personality to their powers, fighting style, and role in their story. Natsu Dragneel is in good company, that’s for sure. So, who else is like him?

A Fairy Tail Ending: Do Natsu & Lucy End Up Together

Fairy Tail’s most popular ship is Natsu and Lucy, or “NaLu.” Where did the manga/anime leave the potential couple in the end?

After a successful 11 year run — including a popular anime adaptation — the;Fairy Tail;manga ended in 2017. The popular shonen manga/anime enchanted fans with its rich, magical world and proved it was;able to keep up with other hard-hitting shonen;titles such as Naruto, Bleach and One Piece.

Part of the series’ charm was the large roster of vivid characters and how distinct each wizard was. Fairy Tail mainly followed the lives of Lucy, Natsu, Erza and Gray and was great at;organically developing their relationships.;Unlike Naruto , the romantic relationships, in particular, felt real and earned. Lucy and Natsu, the two main protagonists, are Fairy Tail‘s main ship but creator Hiro Mashima has always kept the jury out on their true relationship.

Though the original manga and anime series has ended, fans are still hoping for a NaLu confirmation in future Fairy Tail projects. For now, here’s a break down of NaLu’s history and where the two;eventually end up by the story’s end.

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At the end of the day, the two are a good pair because of their long history and compatible personalities.;So, why haven’t they declared their feelings to one another? And where have the lovebirds ended up?

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Josuke Higashikata Has A Temper & A Good Heart

Like Natsu, Josuke Higashikata is a shonen hero, the fourth in the line of Joestar heroes . Josuke has a punkish streak, but he also has a good heart, and he likes to have friends to call his own. Natsu can relate to all that.

And like Natsu, Josuke has a bit of a temper, and he’s quick to lash out if anyone makes fun of his unique hairstyle. As for his combat powers, Josuke wields the Stand named Crazy Diamond, which can both demolish its foes with its fists and repair items by striking them.

Thorfinn Karselfni Has A Thirst For Adventure

Natsu Dragneel

As a whole, Thorfinn Karselfni is a rather complex character, and he undergoes a number of changes in his character arc. Early on, he had a real thirst for adventure, and he wanted to prove himself against the strongest enemies around. Natsu sometimes feels that way, too.

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Thorfinn is agile and deadly in combat, and at first, he was consumed by hatred and revenge. But then he grew up a little, and he began to truly value friends and family for who they were. Now, he will defend them with his very life, and he seeks to found a nation of peace in the faraway Vinland.

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Ichigo Kurosaki Gets Riled Up When His Friends & Family Are Threatened

In everyday life, Ichigo Kurosaki has a fairly different personality from Natsu, being a quiet and punkish guy with a no-nonsense attitude. He’s also studious, unlike Natsu. But if anyone threatens Ichigo’s friends or family, he will leap into action at once, all riled up. Natsu knows what that feels like.

Ichigo’s name can even be translated as “one defender,” and he lives up to that name time and again. Ichigo isn’t fighting to become pirate king or Hokage; he wants to look out for the people precious to him, and that’s the Natsu Dragneel way.

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

Team Natsu were out on a job when Natsu sees Happy being chased by a dog. Natsu then scares the dog away by glaring at it, causing Lucy to whack him with a magazine. Lucy then sees that Happy is afraid of dogs and says Plue is a dog too. Natsus giving a stare at Lucy, with the latter nervously stating that hes getting too close. Natsu asked what does he look like to Lucy, who replied that he looks the same. When Wendys about to say hi, she immediately looked away believing the two are having a moment, causing Lucy to be flustered saying that Wendys having a wrong idea.

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The Eternal Sunset Arc

Hermit was seen present when Kajima introduced disciples from the weapons team. When he asked Kajima if he should stop Rachel from attacking Hyougo, Kajima laughed stating this was likely to happen.

After Shigure’s abduction, Kenichi asks him at school if he knows anything, and, after giving a serious look, Kenichi figures he’s processing what he said and doesn’t know for certain where she is. Then Kenichi tells him he can’t have Honoka which prompts a comical outburst from Tanimoto. Natsu is later seen with the rest of the Yomi disciples preparing for the eternal sunset, keeping to himself as the other unarmed Yomi members clashed with the armed disciples.

When Nijima lead the Shinpaku Alliances and one Military man to the other end of the island as per request, Natsu was seen together with the Yomi and disciples from Haichou Executioner on the top of the cliff.

He was later seen with the rest of YOMI facing the Shinpaku Alliance. After Kenichi, Miu and Niijima escape, he and the other disciples charge towards the Shinpaku Alliance.

Once they start to overwhelm the weapons team, Hyougo takes the lead and has them work together more effectively. Just then, two masters: Chin Sougaku and Ortal Sin arrive and begin to put more pressure on them. However, Ryuto, Renka, Koan Shokatsu and Genson Ryu, Renka’s fellow disciples, arrive and attack the enemy reinforcements. Once Ryuto tells them what to do, Hermit fights along side Ryuto and Berserker against Chin.

Qual A Forma Mais Forte De Natsu Dragneel

Natsu & Lucy have a CHILD! 2021 ANIME – Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest

A forma mais forte de Natsu em Fairytail é a forma Multi-Dragon Slayer que ele assumiu ao lutar contra Acnologia.

Durante o confronto final com ele, Wendy encantou Natsu com o poder de todos os sete Dragon Slayers e, assim, deu a ele a capacidade de derrotar o chefe final de uma vez por todas.

Você discorda? Você tem outras teorias? Bem, ótimo.Tenha mais discussões épicas conosco e com nossa comunidade no Jornal Epic Dope Servidor Discord! Vamos goooooo!

Oficial Epic Dope Servidor de Discórdia

Existe outra forma de Natsu Dragneel que também concorre pela posição de número 1, ou seja, a transformação Meio-Dragão. Durante o filme Dragon Cry, Natsu assumiu esta forma para derrotar facilmente um Animus como Acnologia.

No entanto, devido à falta de informações sobre isso, a Transformação de Meio-Dragão não é colocada acima da forma de Exterminador de Vários Dragões.

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Katsuki Bakugo Possesses Explosive Powers & Is Fueled By His Rivalry

In some ways, Natsu and Katsuki Bakugo aren’t quite the same. Bakugo is largely self-oriented, being obsessed with becoming the best, while Natsu fights primarily for his guildmates’ sake. Otherwise, they have a lot of overlap.

Both characters use explosive and red-hot powers in battle, and they operate on cunning instinct and have a palpable reckless streak. They’re also fueled by their bitter rivals, with Natsu seeing a rival in Gray Fullbuster and Bakugo competing with Izuku Midoriya. Both characters have rather short tempers, too.

Lightning Fire Dragon Mode

Lightning Fire Dragon Mode:Natsu fuses the lightning and fire inside him to enhance his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic with lightning. Natsu’s theme will play as he gains an aura that bursts with a mixture of both lightning and flame. Natsu will also have increased speed.

Gif of Natsu using “Firing Hammer”

Firing Hammer: Natsu grabs the opponent and punches them with his flame and lightning infused right arm. A strike of lightning will hit the opponent after the move lands.

Properties: Blockable | Damage: 39 | Cooldown: 8 Seconds | Aggressive, Multi-Hit, Combo Extender | Range: 4 Studs, Red Range | Melee

Gif of Natsu using “Lighting Flame Roar”

Lightning Flame Roar: Natsu gathers his hands together to create a funnel in front of his mouth. A red magic circle appears in front of his hands as he fires a cone of flame and lightning.

Properties: Guardbreak | Damage: 45 | Cooldown: 18 Seconds | Aggressive, Multi-Hit, Knockback, Combo Finisher | Range: 10.5 Studs, Orange Range | Projectile

Gif of Natsu using “Crimson Blade”

Crimson Blade: Natsu engulfs one hand in lightning and the other in flames. By swinging his arms around, Natsu creates a highly destructive vortex of fire and lightning that raises the opponent upwards.

Properties: Guardbreak | Damage: 34 | Cooldown: 18 Seconds | Aggressive, Multi-Hit, Combo Finisher | Range: 1 Stud, Red Range | Melee

Gif of Natsu using “Brilliant Flame”

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