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What Is The Best Yuri Anime

Top 20 Best Yuri Anime Of All Time: Girls Love To Love

The 6 Best YURI Anime Ever

Girls are said to be the most loving beings in existence, something that is true in real life and in anime. So what about girls who love other girls? Well that, my friends, is the definition of yuri anime. From just friends to more than friends, here are 20 of the best yuri anime of all time.


Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne No Musume

Immortality is something many people would wish for. But would it be such a coveted ability if people knew they would be subject to countless attacks because of it? Such is the case for Rin Asougi, an immortal private investigator, because there is no shortage of people who want her dead.

Over the centuries, she has met many grisly ends, but each time, she returns to life as if nothing had happened.

In 1990, while looking for a lost cat, Rin runs into Kouki Maeno, a man who feels that his memories are wrong.

Agreeing to help him, Rin discovers that Kouki is not what he seems, all the while drawing closer to her true enemy.

This adversary knows Rin and her kind all too well, and if she dies by his hand, she may stay dead permanently.

A Certain Scientific Railgun S

A Certain Scientific Railgun will satisfy your scientific taste with some yuri! So, dont worry, we have all kinds of genres with yuri in them! The story of a Certain Scientific Railgun S mainly focuses on an electro master, Mikato Misaka.

Mikato Misaka is the third strongest esper with unique psychic abilities in the Academy City. Not only does Mikato have these psychic abilities but her friends also have some unique abilities in them. If youre curious about them check out this anime!

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Top 30 Best Yuri Anime According To Akiba Souken

Nowadays, Yuri anime becoming more popular. It’s about girls-love series, and it’s not limited to romantic but also sweet. For you who love this type of anime and wonder what is the best yuri anime, this place is the perfect place to know.

Akiba Research Institute recently asked the fans to choose their favorite yuri in a poll. The poll held from February 26 to March 13 and received 52,742 number of total votes. Just to be noted, the series that listed here not just yuri series but also anime that have some yuri elements.

The Most Popular Yuri Anime Series:34. Seraphim Call 33. Black Rock Shooter 32. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san 31. Simoun 30. Blue Drop 29. Akanesasu Shoujo 28. Maria Holic 27. Kurau: Phantom Memory 26. Koukaku no Pandora 25. Yuri Kuma Arashi 24. Hidamari Sketch 23. El Cazador de la Bruja 22. Tachibanakan Triangle 21. Kuttsukiboshi 20. Revolutionary Girl Utena 19. Strawberry Panic! 18. Candy Boy 17. Aoi Hana 16. Sasameki Koto 15. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid 14. Netsuzou Trap NTR- 13. My-HiME 12. Maria-sama ga Miteru 11. Kannazuki no Miko 10. Konohana Kitan 9. Sakura Trick 8. Strike Witches 7. Liz to Aoi Tori 6. Saki 5. Puella Magi Madoka Magica 4. Kase-san and Morning Glories 3. Yuruyuri 2. Bloom Into You 1. Citrus

Ms Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood

Top 20 Best Yuri Anime Series List [Recommendations]  ...

Rumors tell about an ageless girl who only comes out at night, living in a mansion in the middle of the forest. Some say that she is a living doll with a soul.

Upon hearing these rumors, Akari Amano seeks out this girl, only to find herself lost as she treks through the woods amidst the darkness.

A vampire named Sophie Twilight saves her, turning out to be the rumored girl. However, unlike the vampires told in myths, Sophie does not attack humans and instead orders her blood online.

Akari instantly becomes charmed with her doll-like appearance and proceeds to abruptly move in with her, thus starting their life together.

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Liz And The Blue Bird

This Yuri anime doesnt tell the romance story of the two main characters in an explicit way. Their relationship is rather implied through the portrayal of Liz and the Blue Bird.

Actually, you might be a bit disappointed since this anime series doesnt show enough Yuri scenes that will tease your imaginations. You wont even find a single kiss between the two main characters.

But, why is it part of my best Yuri anime list? The storyline is unique and still tells the real score between the two girls. Its actually one of the sweetest LGBT shows if you are going to look at it closely.

Manga And Light Novel Publishers Have Announced Their Yuri Print And Digital Releases For June 2021 And It Is An Amazing List

See more ideas about yuri manga, yuri anime, anime. Sweet blue flowers · 9. With all these perks going on, i see no reason why you shouldn’t indulge your yuri love in this manga. Manga and light novel publishers have announced their yuri print and digital releases for june 2021 and it is an amazing list. Yuri manga used to be used in the west to denote more explicit sexual relationships but has broadened to now include series that feature lesbian . If you love yuri anime news and want to help support the site, please consider donating to our patreon! Okay, so, yuri lovers, get ready. These lists display stories in anime and manga according to the role yuri plays in them. Top 50 best yuri anime . 25+ best gl manga for the fans! Wife and wife · 10. Yuri is a genre in japanese literature, especially popular in manga, that focuses on the romantic relationships between . Can you guess today’s topic?

Wife and wife · 10. Sweet blue flowers · 9. With all these perks going on, i see no reason why you shouldn’t indulge your yuri love in this manga. Best yuri manga to read! See more ideas about yuri manga, yuri anime, anime.

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Riddle Story Of Devil

Episodes: 12 Original Run: 2014

The story takes place at the private Myojo academy reserved exclusively for young girls. However, the students in the Kurogumi class are actually assassins with a target Haru Ichinose. We follow the daily life of Tokaku Azuma, a newly transferred student, who also targets Ichinose. But little by little she develops feelings for Ichinose and will take it upon herself to protect her against the assaults of the 11 other murderers.

Concluding Yuri Anime List

Top 10 Best Shoujo ai/Yuri/Romance Anime that you need to Watch (Part 4)

Well, here you go. The best list of yuri anime you can find, and there are some worthy ones out there that are not included in the list. But since the list is with is already filled with numerous yuri anime recommendations, we thought to skip them for now.

If we write more posts on yuri, well be sure to include them. In the above, there are some anime that go beyond like Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid with extreme romantic scenes. So, if youd like to start with a vigorous one, wed recommend it.

Anyway, what do you think of our list? Are there any other yuri anime we mightve missed? If you have some in mind, make sure to mention them in the comment section below. We might feature those titles in our next yuri post, and Anime Ukiyo will make sure of it.

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Yuruyuri: Happy Go Lily

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul. 2011 Sep. 2011

After being reunited with her childhood friends, first-year student Akari Akaza relishes in the fact that she has Yui Funami and Kyouko Toshinou by her side at an all-girls school. During that one year absence between Akari and the other girls, Yui and Kyouko formed the Amusement Club. The only clear purpose of the group is to provide pure entertainment between the members. Akari, now the third member of the club has fellow classmate, Chinatsu Yoshikawa, misinterpret the club for something else. Upon meeting with Chinatsu, the club is compelled to have her join up with the trio.

Yuru Yuri can be considered one of the most successful yuri series to date in terms of total televised episodes and OVAs. The newest club member Chinatsu has an intense crush on Yui. Chinatsu generally acts cute around Yui, but she is known to break character from time to time. As you can imagine, based on the club name alone, the plot doesnt always remain consistent. This anime stays true to its slice of life genre tag. The yuri in this show is jovial and amusing. However, if youre expecting a ton of physicality you might be disappointed.

A Certain Scientific Railgun

Episodes: 72 Original Run: October 3, 2009 September 25, 2020

The story takes place in Academy City where 80% of the inhabitants are students who participate in a particular program called Brain Development Program, but only 7 students have reached a high level in the program called level 5. Of course, all set in a world where supernatural powers exist through science and magic through religion!

Will the city be able to remain in peace or will strange events happen? The anime follows the life of the protagonists, who will be repeatedly involved in somewhat bizarre and unimaginable events that will not leave the viewer moments of boredom.

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Top 21 Best Yuri Anime Recommendations You Must Watch 2022

Top 21 Best Yuri Anime Recommendations You Must Watch! 2022 Returning to the anime recommendation genre update Yuri again with the addition of a list of the newest and best anime. Yuri or Shoujo Ai is one of the anime genres which is quite popular among male anime fans. But not a few women also like the anime Shoujo Ai.

Whats The Difference Between Shoujo Ai Anime & Yuri Anime

Top 10 Animes Yuri

These terms are often used interchangeably on the internet and here, but there are important differences. For those who dont know, shoujo anime is more like romance anime. If youre good, you get some lewd hand-holding and perhaps some kisses. Although yuri can also be romantic, they will often bear more flesh. They are capable of drifting into the NSFW area. I use the term yuri mostly because Im what serious anime bloggers call a fuckface. It was a joke. I used it because that is what novice fans are more familiar with the boys love name to be. This list is not only for veterans, but it was also created for newer fans of the genre.

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Houkago Mania Club: Koi No Hoshii No

Houkago Mania Club: Koi no Hoshii no was a 2003 Yuri anime. It had 2 episodes in the series and was based on its Visual Novel.

Its a loose adaptation of the game named Libido.

The protagonist here is a female who joins a club for recreation. Usual recreational clubs are full of leisure and fun.

There was fun in this too, but a different type.

It was known as the After School Mania Club. Members get to know each other through games.

This was a moderate commercial success and received mixed reviews. It was facing some controversy due to the explicit scenes.

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san is about a cat-loving girl and a dog-loving girl. They got attracted to each other after having a meeting one day.

Though they have a lot of personality differences, they get closer.

Things escalate so well that they move in together and live. The anime is filled with many cute Yuri moments.

This ensures that they were having some short but very precise episodes.

If you enjoy watching relationship dynamics, this is a great anime for you.

It received mixed responses overall and got a decent rating. It was not much successful, commercially and thats why no further episodes came out.

Yuri Anime With Action

Koukaku no Pandora. – An action anime where a rich inventor and cybernetic characters team up to fight a threat. Yuri is not the focus of the anime, but he was the second most voted in a Japanese yuri raking.

Kannazuki no Miko. Everyone idolizes the perfect girl named Himemiya Chikane, until an ancient evil appears and curses the city. The anime shows priestesses, giant robots and fight scenes with fan service.

Yurikuma Arashi. – An asteroid Kumaria exploded in the depths of space, this caused the bears to start attacking humans and eating them. Until 2 friends from a school meet Yuri Flower and many things happen …

Valkyrie Drive. – The anime takes place on five artificial islands, where a mermaid is attacked and a girl saves her, ends up kissing her and turning her into a sword and thus battling enemies.

Simoun. – In the world of Daikuri, everyone is born with a female sex and chooses which sex they want to have from 17 years old.

Mnemosyne. – Asougi Rin may look like an ordinary secretary on the outside, but she is actually a private detective with several works, from looking for runaway cats to infiltrating high security corporate labs.

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Lesbian Characters From Anime

In addition to Shoujo-Ai anime, it is also common to find lesbian characters in anime of another genre. It may be of interest to follow the anime in which they appear. Below we leave a list of the most popular lesbian characters:

  • Suruga Kanbaru – Bakemonogatari
  • Kuroko Shirai – Index and Railgun
  • Shion Karanomori – Psycho-Pass
  • Nobara Yukinokouji – Inu x Boku
  • Haruka Tenoh – Sailor Moon
  • Riko Saikawa – Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
  • Kirie Motoba – Himouto! Umaru-chan
  • Miku Izayoi – Data a Live
  • Otome Saotome – Shimoneta
  • Miharu Shimizu – Baka to Test
  • Ikuno – Darling in the FRANXX
  • Chizuru Ikeda – Yuri Yuri
  • Sanae Ebato – Kuzo no Honkai
  • Nami Aoi – Aki Sora
  • Honoo No Haramase Doukyuusei

    Top 10 Best Yuri Anime to Watch

    Honoo no Haramase Doukyuusei is a Yuri anime of 2008 which got mixed reviews.

    It is adapted from its visual novel which had two episodes. The main focus of it is on the school life and dormitory.

    It traces the story of a male character that is new and finds no accommodation. He is sent to the female dorm to stay temporarily.

    Thats where he first sees the female anatomy, during a health check-up.

    The rest of the story is about how he tries to become one and get accustomed to their ways.

    It involves a lot of explicit scenes and comes with a viewers discretion warning.

    Shoujo Sect is also a Yuri anime of 2008 which strikes a balance between comedy and romance.

    It consists of 3 episodes and shows the past, the present, and the conclusion of a relationship.

    This plot is set in the backdrop of a school. Its about two friends who separate and vow to meet again.

    But, fate has different things in store and this comes as a twist. One of them remembers it but, realizes the other one does not.

    The remaining plot is about how she tries to renew their old bond. Will she remember and embrace her past? Will she uphold her vow?

    These answers are in the anime, for you to watch.

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    Kashimashi : Girl Meets Girl

    This yuri anime is about Hazumu who was a shy boy who enjoyed gardening, collecting herbs, and long walks in the mountains. One day he finally worked up the courage to confess his love to Yasuna, but she rejected him.

    Depressed, he wandered up Mt. Kashimayama, the place where they first met, to reconsider his feelings. After getting lost, he wished upon a shooting star and received a bizarre twist of fate.

    Now he is a she, and she stumbles headfirst back into social life and relationships only to find that the entire landscape has changed!

    S: Publishing And Fan Culture Growth

    Faced with a proliferation of stories focused on homosociality, homoeroticism, and female homosexuality, some publishers sought to exploit the yuri market by creating manga magazines dedicated to the genre, coalescing around yuri as the preferred name for this genre in response to its popularity in djinshi culture. In 2003, Yuri Tengoku and Yuri Shimai launched as the first manga magazines devoted exclusively to yuri. This was followed by the female reader-oriented Comic Yuri Hime in 2005 and the male reader-oriented Comic Yuri Hime S in 2007 the two magazines merged under the title Comic Yuri Hime in 2010.

    Stories in these magazines dealt with a range of themes, from intense emotional connections such as those depicted in Voiceful , to sexually-explicit schoolgirl romances like those portrayed in First Love Sisters , and realistic tales about love between adult women such as those seen in The Conditions of Paradise . Some of these subjects are seen in male-targeted works of this period as well, sometimes in combination with other themes, including mecha and science fiction. Examples include series such as Kannazuki no Miko , Blue Drop , and Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl . In addition, male-targeted stories tend to make extensive use of moe and bishjo characterizations.

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    Tachibanakan To Lie Angle The Best Harem Yuri Anime

    Take a look at these videos. Harem anime featuring a male character, This ends up with many naked girls. What if you swap the male for the female? Tachibanakan To Lie Angle. The rest of the story is here. Natsuno Hanabi moved to Tokyo from Tokyo to start a new life and study.

    She meets her at the dormitory of high school.Konomi, a childhood friend. Konomi introduces Hanabi her friends to her, who are proud of their decency. Hanabis new life is full of flirtatious girls who seduce others.

    Hanabi is always in awkward situations in this anime. She accidentally slips in a closet and finds her face on the naked girls private parts. Each episode is unique because it only contains one episode. Run time: 3 minutes, It failed to spark a spark of yuri-harem anime.

    It would have been great if the episodes were longer. Even though it is only for a few minutes, you will still enjoy it. It is at the very minimum a good yuri anime that you can watch, if you want. Harem anime that only features females It.


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