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Is Teen Titans An Anime

She’s Too Cool For A Civilian Name

Teen Titans Go Characters As Anime | All Characters 2017

Throughout the series, the Teen Titans all generally go by their superhero names, and they remain in their hero alter-egos pretty much 24/7. But that doesnt mean that they dont have civilian names. Cyborgs real name is Victor Stone, Starfires name is Koriandr, Robins name is Dick Grayson, and Beast Boys name is Garfield Logan.

Raven seems to be the exception to this trend of alter egos since shes the only one who just goes by Raven. This does make some sense since shes from another dimension where things like civilian names probably werent a big consideration. She wasnt really regarded as even human for a while, so Im surprised she had a name in the first place. It would be interesting if she had to go incognito. I wonder what name she would choose.

This Relationship Is Rather Domestic

One of the more entertaining, yet sweet elements of Teen Titans was watching the interactions between Raven and Beast Boy. The two heroes are about as opposite as you can get, and thats what made them so entertaining to watch. Ravens dry, sarcastic wit worked surprisingly well with Beast Boys random and silly antics. And yet, you can tell the two heroes care about each other. Apparently, this was done on purpose from the beginning.

The writer David Slack said that he wrote Beast Boys and Ravens relationship to be that of a married couple. He had the two constantly bickering and getting on each others nerves, but would also fight for each other at the drop of a hat. He liked this idea of two people that are so loyal to each other, yet antagonize each other often simply because their personalities are so different. Well, there may be hope for BBRae fans yet!

Impact On Dc Continuity

Teen Titans has never been established to be a part of the larger DC Animated Universe or The Batman animated series. Series producer Bruce Timm stated the series would not cross over with Justice League Unlimited. Despite this the series was alluded to in Static Shock, which is part of the DCAU like Justice League Unlimited, where Static asked Batman where Robin was to which Batman responded, “With the Titans…You’ll meet them some day.” The character Speedy, who first appeared in the episode “Winner Take All”, later appeared in Justice League Unlimited with the same costume design and voice actor as the Teen Titans incarnation . Kid Flash was voiced by Michael Rosenbaum in his appearances in the show, who was the same actor who voiced the Flash in Justice League Unlimited both characters are the Wally West incarnations. The follow-up series, Teen Titans Go!, has featured several appearances by Batman, but they have all been non-speaking appearances. Both Batman and Alfred Pennyworth appear in DC Nation’s New Teen Titans “Red X Unmasked”. In the season 2 episode of Teen Titans Go!, “Let’s Get Serious”, Aqualad , Superboy, and Miss Martian of the Young Justice team appear.

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The Superhero Breakfast Club

The show had a variety of influences, but the most interesting one was The Breakfast Club. Yes, we’re talking about the popular 1985 film that was helmed by John Hughes and starred Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, and Emilio Estevez.

“Yeah, that was something I had brought up when I was trying to get the job. To me, the fun always lay in this group of teenage friends hanging out, arguing, having fun. All those things make the show relatable,” David Slack, producer and story editor, told fansite Titans Tower. When you think about it, the similarities between Titansand the Hughes classic are rather apparent.

Could Join: Naruto Is A Kindhearted Soul Who Has Fought Plenty Of Villains In His Life

Teen Titans Anime Wallpapers

Naruto may have been labeled a knuckleheaded ninja, but he was smart when he needed to be. The Teen Titans would love having Naruto around because of his kindhearted nature, and seeing as ninja operate in squads, he already knows how to work in a team.

Over the course of his journey, Naruto has fought and defeated a variety of powerful villains, some of whom were considered Gods, so he would be able to knock out most, if not all, of the Titans’ villains with relative ease.

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Could Join: Luffy Acts Like A Teenager & Loves To Have Fun But When He Needs To Fight He Goes All Out

Luffy may act like a complete fool at times, but he is a capable leader who will risk his own life to help others, and he loves to joke around and have fun, so the Titans would love having him around. As a fighter, Luffy is incredibly skilled and durable, and this is mainly because of the Devil Fruit power which turned his body into rubber.

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Luffy can stretch all his limbs and unleash high-speed attacks that can take out dozens of enemies at once, and he can use every known form of Haki, which allows him to anticipate attacks and impose his willpower onto others, an act which knocks out weak-minded individuals. He can also use Haki to harden parts of his body for offensive and defensive purposes.

The Voice Acting Is Great

The voice acting is great too. Scott Menville handles both the seriousness of Robins character very well, his voice is different from any other actor who has played this character, but hes good.

Hynden Walch conveys both Starfires sweet naïveté and when things get serious and she has to be angry or happy or sad. Shes the only voice I can hear when I think about Starfire in the comics . When I read Red Hood and the Outlaws, her voice was in my head, unfortunately, that comic book was really bad and derailed the character, but fortunately, the TV show has great character writing for her.

Khary Payton voices Cyborg, he sounds like hes fun every time he recorded his character. He sounded like he was having a ton of fun in this role and he did a great job voice acting.

Greg Cipes role as Beast Boy sound like every day he went in, he had a fun time. His voice did crack in the first episode, but he sounds the same for the rest of the episodes. He brought a lot of personality to the character and I enjoyed that.

Tara Strong is always talented and did not use her normal voice for this, but I like what she did with the character and Ravens my favorite character, followed closely by Beast Boy and Robin.

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The Writers Were Urged To Be Daring

When the top dog of a network is a fan of a franchise, it makes all the difference in the world. Sam Register, who was the VP of Cartoon Network at the time, did everything to treat Teen Titans with the respect it deserved, encouraging proper storylines and creativity to take the place instead of silly humor and gags.

It’s reported that he told the creative team to be more daring with their ideas and “do things they weren’t supposed to do”. The message certainly hit home as the team created something different and unique, refusing to fall into the formulaic trap of other shows at the time.

Avatar Vs Teen Titans: The Better Anime

Teen Titans – Anime Opening 1 (Season 1) | “Kaibutsu” by Yoasobi

By Matthew Hagan, Review Editor

Ive spent the last summer, through the magic of streaming services, revisiting several shows I hadnt watched for many years. One of the shows I revisited, as I imagine many other people did this summer, was Avatar: The Last Airbender. Breaking records to become one of Netflixs most profitable investments, the show has recaptured the hearts and minds of many, who had, like myself, watched the show previously, as well as bringing in countless new viewers as well. And yet, another show that I revisited, this time on DC Universe, was 2003s Teen Titans, which ran for five seasons on Cartoon Network before an abrupt cancellation regretted by many to this very day.

Despite the two shows being similar in a number of ways Teen Titansis significantly less well-remembered than Avatar. But still, nonetheless, I thought it would be interesting to compare these two shows and ask the question: which show was ultimately superior?

Final Verdict

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The Theme Song’s Clues

To this day, the Teen Titans theme song remains one of the best around. It’s right at home next to other classics such as Batman: The Animated Series and X-Men: The Animated Series. And we have Japanese pop-rock group Puffy AmiYumi to thank for the catchy and upbeat nature of this unforgettable song, whether it be in English or Japanese.

The language of the theme song provided a clue about the tone of the episode, though. In the past, it was revealed that the Japanese version is played before the more fun and quirky episodes while the English adaptation is utilized before the serious ones.

Which Robin Is He

We all know that Robin from Teen Titans used to work with Batman in Gotham. But do we know which Robin he is? While the consensus is that this particular Robin is Dick Grayson, or the first Robin, theres also the fact that this Robin is still a little different.

The creators have said that in creating this version of Robin, they actually took elements from many different Robins, particularly Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Stephanie Brown. While he seems to have the origin and acrobatic abilities of Dick Grayson, Robin also has Jasons ruthlessness, Tims talent for detective work, and Stephanies reckless behavior. I do like that theyve taken interesting elements from previous Robins and rolled it all up into one character for the show. It does make him a bit more complex and pretty interesting.

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Early Life And Career

Haney grew up in Philadelphia, where he read popular newspaper such as and , and was a regular listener of radio dramas. Haney attended Swarthmore College. During , he served in the and saw action during the . After the war, he earned a from and then embarked on a writing career, publishing a number of novels under a variety of assumed names.

In 1948, Haney entered the comic book industry. His first published comics story was “College for Murder” in #9 . From 1948 to 1955 Haney wrote crime and war comics for a number of publishers, including , , , , and .

This Show Is So Much Fun

Teen Titans (TV Series)

Teen Titans is an awesome show. Its what got me into comic books, albeit Batman comics and not Teen Titans, and it also got me into anime because it took a lot from anime and I enjoyed the style of the animation.

I like the characters and their personalities. I like the art style and animation. I like the character writing and the interactions of the Titans with each other.

With people excited about the possibility of Season 6, I decided to revisit a high school favorite. While it may not be perfect, its still just as fun as I remember it being, if not a little narmy, but the narm charm suits the show fine.

Its a lot of fun to watch and I like it a lot more than Teen Titans Go!

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What Is Teen Titans

Teen Titans, a classic superhero story that saves the world from evil is based on DC comics. It comprises a group of teens along with two other teams responsible for their particular areas. The team resides in Titans Tower ensuring the safety of Jump City, California. The creators of the show include Glen Murakami and Sam Register. The latest sequel is Teen Titans Season 6. Teen Titans Season 6 will complete on 1st May 21. Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo and Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans are two movies based on the show released in 2006 and 2019 respectively. Teen Titans style is somewhat similar to Anime in terms of animation and it uses a unique style of humor.

There are several teams in the show like the Teen Titans, Titan East, Titans North, Titans South, Titans West, Honorary Titans, Temporary Titans, and Team Titans. The voice-over is done by renowned artists making it sound simple yet best. Teen Titans Season 6 compensates the wait of the audience and gives the end to the series.

The Animation Still Looks Great

The animation looks great, and this show is thirteen years old, and yet it looks like it just came out, unlike anime that can be seen as dated because of the animation techniques they use. It does use a lot of aspects of anime, speed lines, chibi forms and the overall look of the character designs look like an anime. But the best part of the animation is the fight scenes. It doesnt seem like it in the beginning but by the time you get to the season finale, the fights are really good.

I also like the art style and character designs. The characters are all unique and have unique designs. Its nice animation that is reminiscent of anime, but its not anime.

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It’s Time To Discover The Teen Titans

One of my favorite things to write about here is the Teen Titans. They are the stars of some of my favorite comic books of all time . So, unsurprisingly, my all-time favorite DC animated series was the original Teen Titans series that aired during the early aughts. Now, thanks to the power of DC Universe, this amazing show is more accessible than ever!

Unlike some of the juggernaut series , the original Teen Titans animated series might not have reached as many potential viewers as its hilarious successor, Teen Titans Go! So, allow me to run down all of the most amazing aspects of this phenomenal series.

Firstly, you have to be impressed by the characterization. For myself and many cartoon watchers since, this is our first introduction to all of the members of the Teen Titans that arent Robin. This puts the series in a unique position of creating definitive versions of Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy for a generation of fans. Despite the characters never using their given names and very little about their lives outside of Titans Tower ever being addressed, they are introduced in broad strokes that immediately allow the viewers to get a handle on who they are. Then, over the course of the shows five seasons, Teen Titans slowly takes their most outlandishdare I say cartoonishtraits and humanizes them.

There are more episodes that take on classic Teen Titans stories:

These arent even ongoing storylines!

They Did What To The Show

Teen Titans Go Anime version

Fans are still bitter about the fact that Teen Titans was supposed to go on for at least one more season. Even the final season was supposed to be a bit longer than it was. But unfortunately, the fifth season was reduced and the show was canceled after that.

Why was it canceled? Theres no one answer really. There are a few theories fans have. One is that the female fanbase got too big, which wasnt appealing for the segregated gender marketing that many companies do for shows like these . Theres also the theory that Cartoon Network dropped Teen Titans to focus on its other shows. But we did get a movie that sort of served as a season finale. And Teen Titans Go! came about later, but has received mixed reviews from fans .

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Starfire Didn’t Get Her Own Season

One of the things that Murakami pushed for was to have proper character development on the show. He didn’t want a procedural animated show where it was mindless heroes versus villains action with no continuous storyline or progression. As such, each season of the show focused on a Titan’s specific arc.

Unfortunately, because the show ended after five seasons , Starfire never received her own season. That said, she did get an expanded role in the film. Maybe if there’s a sixth season, there will be a chance to remedy this. After all, Koriand’r is a princess and deserves only the best.

These Guys Got Around

If you think the voices of our main characters sound familiar, theres a good reason for that. The voice actors behind these characters have done a lot of characters in cartoons over the years. These actors are seriously talented!

Raven is voiced by Tara Strong, who has done many roles, including Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls. Beast Boy is voiced by Greg Cipes, who has also voiced Keven from Ben 10: Alien Force, Caleb from W. I. T. C. H., and Mikey from Nickelodeons TMNT. Robins voice, Scott Menville has voiced many minor characters in several cartoons such as Avatar: The Last Airbender and Codename Kids Next Door. And finally, Kary Phayton, the voice behind Cyborg, also voiced Aqualad from Young Justice and has done a bunch of roles in video games.

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The 2000s Teen Titans

For many fans, this is their introduction to the Teen Titans and a definitive version of the series, especially establishing which characters make up the Titans : Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy. It’s very telling that fan-response got these guys to return for a movie with the Go! Titans. Then, there is also the infamous “Lucy and Starfire” meme, which fans used to ask the ongoing comics to become more like the cartoon.

That’s not to say the show was perfect. Its attempts to replicate anime didn’t exactly age well. And fans are still waiting for Starfire to get her own story arc. But you still have to admit that theme song is catchy!


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