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Can Beat: Kon Is Just A Plushy

[AMV] Sword Art Online {Kirito & Asuna} – Love Me Like You Do

At the beginning of Bleach, Ichigo needed a way to protect his human body while he was out fighting Hollows, and that’s when Kon was introduced. Kon is a modified soul, which means that his real body looks like a pill, but he is actually an expert at hand-to-hand combat who has enhanced strength and speed.

He may keep Ichigo safe, but he spends most of his time in a stuffed lion doll, and it’s safe to assume that Kirito would be able to beat a plushy with ease.

Real World / Sword Art Online / Project Alicization

Kirito’s SAO Closed Beta Avatar.

Kirito described the appearance of his avatar at the beginning of the game and the beta-testing phase as having the appearance of a ridiculously handsome protagonist from some fantasy animation, looking noticeably older than he actually was. His in-game height was equal to that of his height in the real world to prevent the extra height from hindering his movements.

In the full version of the game, during Kayaba Akihiko’s tutorial, all player avatars were changed to reflect their real life appearances. After this change, Kirito’s SAO avatar had slightly long but neat black hair and black eyes. His delicate face showed no trace of masculinity, allowing people to easily mistake him for a girl.

  • Kirito as the Black Swordsman.
  • Kirito as a member of KoB.
  • Kirito as a child and later as a young adult in Underworld.
  • Kirito as a first-year student at the Sword Mastery Academy.
  • Kirito as an elite swordsman-in-training.
  • Kirito following the battle at the Central Cathedral.

Can’t Beat: Akame Is A Well Trained Assassin With An Overpowered Katana

Akame Ga Kill has a lot of great battles, and Akame was involved in most of them. The former assassin wields Murasame, a cursed blade that can kill a person with a single cut, no matter how deep it is. This happens because the katana spreads a poisonous curse through someone’s body as soon as it pierces their skin.

Kirito may be skilled, but he is nowhere near as skilled as Akame, and even if he was able to keep up with her and defend against her attacks, all she needs to do is scratch him and the battle is over.

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Can Beat: Shino’s Bugs Would Do Nothing To Kirito

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Unfortunately, these insects would have literally no effect on Kirito because none of his abilities rely on chakra, and he can cut through them with his swords. Shino may be a high-ranking shinobi, but he has shown virtually no skill with actual weapons, which gives Kirito a serious advantage.

Can Beat: In A Melee Fight Kirito Would Obliterate Usoop


Usopp is definitely an interesting character, but despite his faults, he is still a valued member of the Straw Hat crew. As the crew’s sniper, Ussop can take enemies out from a distance with his slingshot. In addition, he fires more than just bullets, as he cultivates Pop Green seeds that instantly grow into plants–some of which are violent.

In SAO’s second season, Kirito proved that he was capable of defeating ranged enemies when he took on Death Gun and several other firearm users in “Gun Gale Online’s” Bullet of Bullets event. Kirito should be able to avoid all of Usopp’s shots, and if he gets close enough, the battle will be over in an instant because Usopp’s melee combat skills are practically nonexistent.

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Azusa Would Be A Great Overpowered Friend

Azusa is another incredibly powerful magic user that would be a great ally to Kirito, and also one of the strongest characters from her series. She arguably could be even more powerful than Kirito, considering that she has had three hundred years to level up. She can even create her own spells, which could help Kirito out if there are any unique situations that normal magic can’t fix.

Sailor Mercury’s Intelligence Would Be A Boon To Kirito In And Out Of Battle

Whenever Kirito has to investigate a new area or enemy, it would be great if Sailor Mercury was by his side. She could use her Mercury Glasses to quickly identify enemies’ weak spots, and also check if there are any threatening foes in the new areas she and Kirito explore together. Considering how she is a fairly intelligent Sailor Scout, she and Kirito would be able to work together to solve any huge mystery if they put their brains together.

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Sword Art Online Surprises With Kirito’s Plans For The Future

Sword Art Online finally brought the ambitious Alicization saga to an end with the final episode of the War of Underworld arc, and it surprised with Kirito‘s new plans for the future. When the series first began, Kazuto Kirigaya was someone kind of floating around without a real tangible goal. Like many teens his age, he had no real idea what he wanted to do for the future and instead decided to just enjoy the little moments and maybe play some games. Things obviously did not turn out the way he initially expected, and now years later Kirito has a career in mind.

The final episode of the War of Underworld arc finally revealed how Kirito’s parents felt about his treks through the virtual worlds thus far, and they only really want Kirito to be happy. But they also want him to responsible in this as he truly seeks out a life without regrets. He may be a hero in the virtual world, but he needs to keep an eye on his real world self too.

Thus Kirito reveals to his parents what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Now that the Summer of his Junior year has come to an end, Kirito wants to change focus. He wants to enter the electrical engineering program at Toto Institute of Technology if he can, and eventually get a job with Rath.

Aincrad Archive

Can’t Beat: Saitama Would Annihilate Kirito With A Single Punch

Kirito-Asuna [Be Somebody AMV]

One-Punch Manis filled with action, and at the center of it all is Saitama, the most powerful being in existence. He is so strong that he hasn’t suffered a single injury in battle, and he has defeated every enemy he has ever faced with just one punch. Most of those enemies didn’t survive.

Kirito may be strong, but he wouldn’t be able to even scratch Saitama in a fight. In fact, Kirito’s swords would probably shatter when they touch his skin. Besides, a single punch from Saitama would instantly destroy every bone and organ in Kirito’s body.

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Sword Art Online: 10 Anime Characters Kirito Would Be Friends With

Despite not being the most popular protagonist among anime fans, Kirito’s in-universe charm cannot be denied, allowing him to make friends easily.

Kirito is the protagonist ofSword Art Online. Although he initially started out being a loner and often avoided working in groups during the series, he also eventually gained friends along the way, as well as romantic bonds with characters such as Asuna.

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However, there are some characters from other anime that could probably bond with Kirito, despite his initial loner-centric personality. From Gon’s determined personality to Azusa’s magical assistance, these anime characters could either stand by his side in battle or be greatly supportive of their helpful presence. Not only would they be helpful, but they have personalities that would work well with Kirito’s own.

Aletta Would Be Happy To Serve Food

Aletta from Restaurant To Another World would be a helpful ally and friend. Though she likely could not be much of a help in battle, she could still whip up and serve some tasty dishes. If Kirito ever visited the Nekoya Restaurant, he and Aletta could become quick friends over food. Her presence would help him forget about all the fighting he has to do for a little while. Additionally, if Aletta ever got into danger, Kirito could help her out in those times of need.

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Can’t Beat: Zoro Would Easily Overpower Kirito

Zoro is the second strongest member of the Straw Hat crew, and since his debut, he has become one of anime’s most iconic swordsmen. Kirito might be able to have a decent exchange with Zoro, but at the end of the day, the Straw Hat swordsman will win because of his endurance, durability, and physical strength.

Zoro can cut a building in half with one swing, and he can swing his sword with such force and speed that he can create a compressed air blade for ranged attacks. The Straw Hat swordsman can also infuse his blades with Armament Haki, which would shatter Kirito’s weapons.

Shin’s Powerful Magic Could Help Kirito And Kirito Could Help Him With Common Sense

Wallpaper : anime, Sword Art Online, sword, Kirigaya ...

Shin from the manga and anime Kenja No Mago, also known as Wise Man’s Grandchild, is an extremely powerful magic user. However, he severely lacks common sense, which could make him enemies quicker than friends.

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If he worked with Kirito, Kirito could help him get some common sense while Shin helps him train further in using magic, seeing that he has a vast intelligence in that area. The partnership would be a fun one between the two despite potential hijinks involving a lack of common sense.

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Kirito Anime Fighting Simulator Checkout Here

Kirito Anime Fighting Simulator Checkout Here! > > This article will tell you about one of the characters of an online simulator game and the codes of the game.

Hey, gamers! Do you also want to know about the famous character of Anime Simulator? Do you also play Fighting Simulator games?

Kirito is the Anime fighting Simulator character and is loved by gamers of the Philippines, United States. Today we are sharing details of the Kirito Anime Fighting Simulator, and later on, you will get to know about the latest code.

Sword Art Online: Progressive Is Finally Announced

The franchise finally announced the long-awaited Sword Art Online: Progressive, which will follow Asuna, Kirito’s love, through the first few anime’s first seasons. In short, it will act as the franchise’s prequel.


The story will focus on Asuna as she meets the black swordsman and helps him through the dangerous digital world. SAO’s official posted the brand new anime’s announcement. It will take the audience through Asuna’s perspective in the early days of the series when the characters were still trying to navigate their way in the digital landscape.

“There’s no way to beat this game. The only difference is when and where you die…’One month has passed since Akihiko Kayaba’s deadly game began, and the body count continues to rise,” written in Progressive’s official description.

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Can Beat: Hercule’s Martial Arts Skills Can’t Compete With Kirito’s Swordsmanship

The Dragon Ballseries inspired an entire generation of anime fans and manga artists, and it featured plenty of powerful characters who were martial arts masters. Hercule is regarded as a hero and as one of Earth’s greatest martial artists, but in truth, he’s a coward and one of the weakest characters in the series.

In a pure melee fight, Hercule might be able to beat Kirito because of his size and muscular build, but Kirito has swords and is faster with a lot more agility than Hercule. Therefore, he should be able to avoid the fighter’s kicks and punches and cut him down.

Kai Suwabara Would Be A Helpful Swordsman By His Side

AMV SwordArtOnline – KIRITO -Feel Invincible

Kai Suwabara from Yakitate!! Japan would be a serious, but helpful ally. He might be a baker, but he’s also extremely proficient with a sword. Him and Kirito working together would make them a hard-to-beat pair of anime swordsmen, and then they could just bake bread and eat it afterward to take a break from all the stressful fighting. Both of them are also fairly smart characters, too. If they get stuck in a tricky situation, they could work together to solve it.

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Nami Will Work Well With Kirito Assuming They Don’t End Up In A Situation Against Each Other

Nami from One Piece is a fairly practical person and an expert when it comes to stealth and thievery. This could potentially make her clash with Kirito, but it could also be helpful if the two of them worked together. She and Kirito could be a practical but fun pair when they’re not in battle, and they would enjoy hanging out with each other whenever they’re not fighting any enemies or getting out of troublesome situations.

Where Is Kirito In Anime Fighting Simulator

In all the online games, at different times, the updates come. These updates come with new features and elements to make the game more interesting for the players. To retain the interest of the players in the game.

Anime Fighting Simulator is one of the most popular games, and timely new updates come in this game, ensuring that the game can remain interesting for the players.

Recently in update 9 of the game, which is called champion 9. In this update, many characters and cards are introduced.

There are many new characters introduced in the game which can be used to play the game. They can unlock through specific conditions. Where Is Kirito in Anime Fighting Simulator? This is a champion card cam in update 9.

The card is currently not available in the game to trade. But these cards are equipped with interesting gifts and rewards like Kirito. There are many cards which can be used to avail the rewards.

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Sword Art Online: 5 Anime Characters Kirito Can Beat

Kirito is one of the most skilled swordsmen in Sword Art Online, but there are plenty of other anime characters who’d give him a good fight.

Most anime are based on manga, but a pretty sizable chunk of series is developed from light novels, and one of the more popular light novel series is Sword Art Online, which first told the story of 10,000 players who got trapped inside a VR video game. If this wasn’t terrifying enough, if any of those people died in-game, they died in real life too. The main character is named Kirito, and after meeting numerous friends and advancing pretty far in the game, he ends up saving all the remaining players.

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SOA has had several sequels, all of which take place in different video game worlds, and Kirito has continued to save the day as a talented and skilled swordsman. Kirito is so skilled that there is a good chance he can beat characters from other anime series, but there are also certain characters who he wouldn’t stand a chance against.

Of The Greatest Kirito Quotes From Sword Art Online

Kirito Sao Wallpaper

Kazuto Kirigaya. Better known as Kirito from the virtual reality of Sword Art Online .

Hes the type of guy to stay calm under pressure and in crazy situations. And as far as anime characters Ill admit, there are few emotions to his personality.

Depending on who you ask, Kirito is one of two things in the anime

  • Or hated by many as an anime character.

Im not here to debate any of that. Im just here to share some inspiration and encouragement from Kiritos quotes.

And to maybe make your day a little better by relating to some of Kiritos best SAO

So check out these Kazuto Kirigaya quotes below!

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Can’t Beat: Byakuya Kuchiki Would Cut Kirito To Shreds With His Zanpakuto’s Abilities

Byakuya Kuchiki is the Captain of Squad 6, which means that he is quite strong, but he has a few weaknesses too. Kirito may be a competent swordsman, but Byakuya is a master swordsman who specializes in Shunpo, a technique that allows Soul Reapers to move faster than the eye can see.

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Kirito wouldn’t be able to defend against Byakuya’s speed, and even if he could, there is no way he would survive the Captain’s Zanpakut. In its Shikai, Senbonzakura separates into a thousand tiny, slender blade fragments that are invisible to the human eye, while the Bankai allows Byakuya to control tens of thousands of blade fragments, that are designed to surround an enemy and rip them to shreds.

Aiz Wallenstein Would Be A Great Fighter By Kirito’s Side

Aiz Wallenstein is one of the strongest members of the Loki Familia in Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon!? Her vast battle skills would make her a great ally in battle, as well as an awesome sparring partner. Considering that she was skilled enough to train Bell, the protagonist of the series, she could also help Kirito learn a few things about swordplay. Both of them fighting together would make them near-unstoppable, especially against the incredibly powerful enemies they face in their respective series.

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Other Sword Art Online Quotes

Are Kirito and Asuna the only ones with quotes from ‘Sword Art Online’? Certainly, not. Look at the ‘Sword Art Online’ quotes below to see some other characters, and their feelings and expressions in the anime story. They bring to life the feelings and emotions of love, pain, game, and fight, just like Kirito quotes in ‘Sword Art Online’. They are great in their own way.

39.Even if I die, you keep living, okay? Live to see the end of this world and to see why it was born. Live to see why a weak girl like me ended up hereand the reason you and I met.

– Sachi.

40.I always say exactly what Im feeling, and if they dont like me, thats fine.

– Konno.

41.God would never put us through all this suffering if he didnt think we could bear it.


42.You and I are both data in a virtual world, but

– Lisbeth.

43.Life isnt so bad. Its not so bad.

– Nishida.

44.Its impossible to work hard for something you dont enjoy.

– Silica.

45.A person is very strong when he seeks to protect something.

– Kayaba.

46.In every world, once you die, youre gone.


47.They say your character is built by lifes challenges, so keep soldiering on young man.

– Klein.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes from ‘Sword Art Online’ for everyone to enjoy. If you liked our suggestions for 45+ ‘Sword Art Online’ quotes for teen anime fans, then why not take a look at ‘Your Name’ quotes, or anime love quotes.

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