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Is Rick And Morty An Anime

Why The New Rick And Morty Anime Short Has Fans Divided

Rick and Morty vs. Genocider | A Special Rick and Morty Anime Short | Adult Swim Con

“Rick and Morty” is not afraid to push the limits as far as plotlines go and fans are seeing this especially clearly in the current season. Known for its explorations of science fiction and philosophy, “Rick and Morty” has covered everything from time travel to alternate realities, and Season 5 is no exception.

Unfortunately, even some of the most seasoned “Rick and Morty” fans who are typically used to the no-holds-barred series are disappointed with Season 5, for the same reason the show has gained popularity in the first place. Some think the newest season is a bit too out there, especially regarding Episode 4, which featured Morty and his sister Summer having an unfortunate government-created incest baby.

While Season 5 has been weird enough up to this point, a new short just premiered on the Adult Swim YouTube channel that also has fans divided. It features the usual cast of “Rick and Morty” but in anime form, and the plotline is just as unexpected.

Rick And Morty Releases New Samurai & Shogun Anime: Watch

Rick and Morty has released a new Samurai & Shogun anime short as part of the Adult Swim Festival this year! While Adult Swim has previously experimented with Rick and Morty in past as they worked with creator Lee Hardcastle to imagine the titular duo in a series of famous movies, but beginning last Spring, Adult Swim began collaborating with notable anime creators for fully fleshed out anime shorts featuring the duo from Japan. This all kicked off with a samurai influenced short dubbed “Samurai & Shogun,” and now Adult Swim has gone all the way back to the beginning for its newest anime.

The first anime short fans had gotten for Rick and Morty was Samurai & Shogun, and the newest anime released as part of the Adult Swim Festival 2021 returns to this world and concept for “Samurai & Shogun” 2 as it places the titular duo back in their version of old era Japan. Just as with the first one, this newest short has shown off just how well the Rick and Morty franchise works with an idea like this. You can check out the bloody new Samurai & Shogun 2 short below from Adult Swim’s official YouTube:

If you wanted to scratch your itch for more of the franchise, the first four seasons of Rick and Morty are now streaming on HBO Max . There has yet to be any word on when the next season will be making its big debut with Adult Swim. In the meantime, there are several shorts that are now available to check out that give the series the same dose of anime flavor as this newest short.

How To Watch The ‘rick And Morty’ Season 5 Finale

That weird feeling in your gut is right. Rick and Morty went for an incest angle once again.

What makes this and truly all of director Takashi Sanos Adult Swim videos work are how earnest they are. Though theyre ostensibly anime parody, they never feels that way. In many ways Sanos takes on the series feel worlds more self-serious than Rick and Mortys proper episodes. Its that studied intensity that make this meta joke work. Its easy to get so wrapped up in trying to figure out an insane story or so excited by an awesome fight scene, you completely forget this is a promotional short for the burping grandpa show. Truly, it never gets old. Please keep it up, Adult Swim. Tanos work is a wonderful addition to the rich tapestry of your ever-odd shorts.

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Sinister Yet Oddly Touching

Theres something sinister yet oddly touching about the relationship between Rick and Morty. While its true that Rick always drags Morty into danger, you definitely get the feeling that he has genuine affection for the boy. This artist has captured those feelings pretty accurately, though there is also something just a little creepy about the way that Rick is gazing at Morty, almost as if he is a vampire and Morty is his hapless prey. By DoctorPed.

New Rick And Morty Anime Short Is Very Fun And Very Anime

Rick And Morty

Adult Swim has released a great Rick and Morty anime short that you can watch on YouTube right now!

Fans of Rick and Morty have gotten used to being neglected. Whenever a season wraps up, we assume we wont be getting more sci-fi rigamarole adventures for at least a year. Well, color me surprised, because its been less than two months since the season four finale and Adult Swim has already blessed us with a peek at an animatic for a scene from season five and now theyve followed it up with an 8-minute short that reimagines Rick and Morty as an anime.

Its written and directed by Takashi Sano who most recently directed the TV adaptation of the Korean web comic Tower of God, which, to be honest, I know nothing about. However, Sanos got a storied career of storyboarding and key animation on cool stuff I have heard of like MEGALOBOX,as well as a little cult hit called Neon Genesis Evangelion. The short was animated at Telecom Animation Film studio, a subsidiary of TMS Entertainment, one of Japans oldest animation studios, which animated Akira and worked on a number of nineties US TV cartoon classics like the original DuckTalesand Batman: The Animated Series.

The short is called Rick and Morty vs. Genocider. Check it out below.

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Watch The Full Rick And Morty Anime Title Sequence

Weve seen our share of anime theme song parodies in our day. But this latest one might be one of the best. For the season five finale of Rick and Morty,the Adult Swim series got a special opening title sequence. The episode, titled Rickmurai Jack, was of course a nod to another Cartoon Network classic, Samurai Jack. Once again, Rick and Morty went full anime on us. And then after an anime-inspired credits sequence, they just went back to regular old Rick and Morty.

In the previous episode, Rick had teamed up with two crows, becoming Crow Rick. Now, Crow Rick faced off against his nemesis, Crow Scare. You can watch the anime-inspired opening credits for Rick and Two Crows right here:

adult swim

Luckily for everyone, Rick and Morty translated the lyrics into English. And they are pretty much what youd expect from a younger-skewing anime series. They go a little something like this: Im riding on the winds/ We are soaring with our black wings / Forever we will fight together / Beyond the sky with you. Its all appropriately chipper, and the tune will likely get lodged into your head all day. Sorry about that.

The season five finale had a pretty major reveal, as Evil Morty made his long-awaited return. There is usually up to two years between Rick and Morty seasons, so youre probably going to have to wait quite some time to see how it all pans out. In the meantime, just watch the opening credits to Rick and Two Crows one or five more times.

Rick And Morty Returns With New Short A New Rival And An Exploding Toaster

Rick and Morty has returned with another surprise anime short which also introduces a new nemesis for the mad scientist.

Directed by Masaru Matsumoto and produced by Sola Entertainment, “The Great Yokai Battle of Akihabara” features the Japanese voice cast reuniting for an adventure that takes in Halloween, exploding toasters, and a hunt for screws of all things that leads Rick and Morty to the Tokyo electronic district of Akihabara.

Along the way, Rick bumps into his self-proclaimed “eternal rival” Yamada Q-Saku and even finds time to playfully poke at anime tropes: outlandish coincidences, inexplicable mecha battles, and nonsensical flashbacks are all skewered during the 10-minute runtime.

This is the fourth Rick and Morty anime short to be released. This August saw the mind-bending “Summer Meets God” hit YouTube, while the Adult Swim series originally branched out with a pair of Japanese language mini-episodes in 2020.

Much like Rick and Mortys brief expansion into live action with Back to the Future actor Christopher Lloyd, the new anime short offers a way for fans to get a schwifty slice of the dimension-hopping duos adventures without slowing down any work on the main series.

Relive some of the shows finest hours with our rundown of the best Rick and Morty episodes.

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Lone Wolf And Cub Manga Inspired Many Other Works

Image via Adult Swim.

The Rick And Morty anime is clearly inspired by the Lone Wolf and Cub manga. The manga is one of the seminal works of the medium from Japan. The manga doesnt have many adaptations in modern media, or Hollywood. But the story of Lone Wolf and Cub has had a lot of impact. A Hollywood remake of the manga has seen many attempts by filmmakers, without success. But the trope has been a lot more successful in iconic Western storytelling. Inspiration for Road To Perdition, Kill Bill and Sin City have come in part by elements of Lone Wolf And Cub. Most recently, even Star Wars The Mandalorian had a premise very much like that of Lone Wolf And Cub.

The Rick And Morty anime is now on on the Adult Swim channel. The remaining 5 episodes of Rick And Morty season 4 will premiere on Adult Swim on May 4.

What did you think about the Rick And Morty anime? Let us know in the comments below.

The Craziness That Is Rick And Morty

Rick and Morty Opening 2 (The Anime)

Image via Adult Swim

Rick And Morty is an extremely popular adult animated show. The show was for Cartoon Networks adult programming block of Adult Swim. The series has since become a cult fan favorite. The story follows the titular Rick, a mad scientist who is quirky and at times, completely off his rocker. His family life is a lot more conventional, as he lives with his daughters very nuclear family. Rick And Morty combines this blend of mundane family life, and Ricks insane adventures. Through multiple realities, different planets, and outrageous situations. The hilarity continues as Rick brings along his nervous 14-year-old grandson Morty along. The series is a funny sci-fi show that surprisingly gets contemplative and thought-provoking.

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Rick And Morty Is Now Anime In Dimension Wtm72

A surprise Rick and Morty short is not merely an homage, but an actual Japanese anime production.

Viewers watching Sword Art Online on Toonami the night of March 28 were in for a surprise. Instead of a commercial break in the middle of the episode, they were treated to a six-minute Rick and Morty anime short film titled “Samurai and Shogun.” For those who missed it on TV, Adult Swim uploaded the short on YouTube, where it’s already amassed millions of views.

The short takes place in a parallel dimension in the Rick and Morty multiverse, identified as Dimension WTM72. It showcases one samurai Rick wandering with a shogun Morty in a weaponized wooden cart and violently facing off against an army of ninja Ricks. Viewers familiar with Kazuo Koike’s Lone Wolf and Club manga series and/or its series of film adaptations will recognize the direct homage.

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“Anime” gets thrown around a lot as a marketing term in the age of Netflix’s Castlevania and other “anime-esque” Western productions, but this Rick and Morty short is not merely an homage, but an actual Japanese anime production. Kaichi Sato is the director. Studio Deen, known for such shows as Ranma 1/2 and Hetalia, produced the animation. The voice actors Yohei Tadano and Keisuke Chiba are the regular Japanese dub voices for Rick and Morty respectively.

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Rick And Morty Meets Anime In An Amazing New Short

Yare yare daze Rick and Morty fans can hardly keep up with all the incredible news that’s rolled out recently.

Following the release of a first-look clip from Rick and Morty season 5 earlier in the weekend, a brand-new Rick and Morty anime short was unveiled during Adult Swim Con’s Toonami segment on Saturday, July 25, 2020.

Directed by Tower of God filmmaker Takeshi Sano, the anime short bears a badass title: “Rick and Morty vs. Genocider.” Though its tiny synopsis teases that “nothing weird happens,” fans know better than to take anything Rick and Morty-related at face value. The eight-and-a-half-minute short finds various multiverse iterations of the genius scientist Rick Sanchez and his wobbly-voiced grandson Morty Smith traversing through Japan to escape a faction of assassins known as the Genocider killing machines who eliminate Ricks and Morties by erasing the past and manipulating people’s memories. “Our” Morty heads to Tokyo, Japan to help stop the Genocider from fulfilling its dastardly deeds.

Without spoiling anything, “Rick and Morty vs. Genocider” takes several twists and turns before its action culminates in a hair-raising, literally explosive battle sequence. It all wraps up with a few lines of dialogue that may make even the steeliest Rick and Morty fans shed a tear or at least think about it.

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Rick & Morty Getting More Anime Shorts From Adult Swim

With the release of a third new Rick & Morty anime short in tandem with season 5, Adult Swim confirms that more shorts are on the way.

Adult Swim confirms that it will produce additional Rick and Morty anime shorts after the creative success of the show’s three existing anime short films. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s adult sci-fi cartoon follows the genius mad scientist/depressed alcoholic Rick Sanchez as he drags his far less intelligent grandson Morty Smith across the multiverse. The show gained a cult fanbase after its first season for its scientific jargon, existential themes, and dark humor. The series has since become one of the most-watched shows on Adult Swim.

Rick and Morty is now in its fifth season, with Roiland voicing both main characters and accompanied by Sarah Chalke, Chris Parnell, and Spencer Grammer. Following the show’s massive popularity, Roiland and Harmon have come out with a slate of accompanying content and products including video and tabletop games, comics, collectibles, and a planned spinoff entitled The Vindicators. Characters from the series have also made cameos in other TV shows, movies, and music, notably appearing on The Simpsons and in Space Jam: A New Legacy. A number of Rick and Morty short films have also been made, including a 2017 series of claymation mini-movies titled Rick and Morty: The Non-Canonical Adventures and three anime shorts made in 2020 and 2021.

Check out Sano’s short here:

Rick And Morty Gets Full Anime Opening For Season 5 Finale


Rick and Morty actually got a full anime opening with the final episode of Season 5! The special one-hour event for the fifth season brought with it a number of significant changes to the fan favorite Adult Swim series as a whole, but one surprise was that it managed to sneak in some more anime influence into the season before it all came to an end. The franchise has experimented with anime before with a few full anime shorts, and even had a Voltron inspired episode earlier in the season, but now that has all come full circle.


This anime intro was so epic! #rickandmorty


Like much of the other anime references seen throughout the season thus far, this anime opening served as kind of a major swerve and imagined a fun kind of multiverse story where we actually got to see Crow Rick doing all of these battles against his major rival, Crow Scare. But this was only a front to get to the rest of the episode that broke some of the biggest reveals in the series overall. Thankfully, there are still plenty of full anime takes on the franchise for fans to enjoy.

What did you think of the anime opening in Rick and Morty’s Season 5 finale? Would you want to see more of this kind of series in the future? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff !

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What That ‘akira’ Anime Reference On ‘rick And Morty’ Really Means

“Edge of Tomorty” is more like this classic anime than the Tom Cruise sci-fi movie.

We all knew that some kind of âAkira-type situationâ was coming to Rick and Morty after a clip from the Season 4 trailer revealed a scene behind the mall where Morty beats up some bullies with advanced gadgets, but it wasnât until the Season 4 premiere aired Sunday night that any of us came to appreciate the real scope of how much Episode 1, âEdge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat,â pays homage to the beloved 1988 anime film Akira.

If youâve come looking for answers to all your Akira-related Rick and Morty questions, youâre in the right place.

Years after a singularity destroys Tokyo in the world of Akira, the society of Neo-Tokyo is plagued by gang warfare and terrorism, and itâs on the verge of collapse when a young gang member by the name of Tetsuo experiences visions of the future and develops supernatural psychic powers. He becomes an unstable egomaniac, eventually going on a rampage through the city fighting gang members, the military, and anyone who stands in his way. As his powers grow outside of his control, he mutates into a horrifying blob that consumes all matter and threatens the entire world.

If youâve already seen the Rick and Morty Season 4 premiere, you can see just how many similarities there are, to the extent that the story resembles Akira more than it does Edge of Tomorrow.

âEdge of Tomortyâ even directly references Akira several times.


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