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What Anime Is Rem From

What Are Her Feelings Toward Her Sister: Love & Affection

Rem Moments [English Dub] Re:Zero

Despite the fact that she feels inferior to Ram, Rem feels love and affection for her. However, after the Witch Cult saws off Rams horn, Rem carries feelings of guilt, since she momentarily felt joyful that Ram lost some of her power. She now does her best to become stronger in order to protect her and take her place as a servant. She also secretly changes the measurements on her clothing to hide the fact that her chest is slightly bigger than her sisters to keep her from feeling bad.

What Is Her Relationship With Garfiel

Garfiel is 14, which means hes a young and immature boy who also happens to nurse a one-sided crush on Ram. Ram views him in a platonic manner, going out of her way to help him overcome his childhood fears by making him face his past.

Whenever Garfiel confesses his feelings to her, she immediately shoots him down because, even though she clearly cares for him, she is not interested in him romantically at all.

What Is Her Oni Form Like: Enhanced Magical Abilities But Weaker Than The Average Oni

Rem is an Oni, which is a kind of creature that can develop magical abilities from being in an Oni form. For Rem, her Oni form manifests as a single white horn on her forehead. When she is in this form, her magical abilities are stronger and she can gather mana from the atmosphere. However, since she only has one horn, she is weaker than the average Oni. For this reason, Rem makes a point of becoming a stronger magic-user to make up for this deficiency.

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Does Roswaal Reciprocate Rams Feelings For Him

Roswaal does not reciprocate Ram’s feelings. He is consumed with guilt and self-doubt over the annihilation of Rams oni village, which he strongly believes Ram hates him for from the bottom of her heart. While that was true in the beginning, her feelings toward him changed later on, something that he failed to notice.

In fact, Ram ends up confessing her feelings for him, which shook him to his core. Since his feelings hadn’t change for the last 400 years, he assumed that Ram’s hadn’t changed either.

How Does Her Synesthesia Work: She Can Telepathically Communicate With Ram


Synesthesia is an ability that both Rem and Ram have, which makes sense since it works in conjunction with the two of them. For the most part, this ability allows Rem and Ram to telepathically communicate their feelings to each other, which keeps them in constant contact even if they cant verbally speak.

However, it is also shown to be able to transmit mana, so Ram sometimes uses Rem as a horn, allowing her to become more powerful.

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Why Can She Smell The Witchs Scent: She Was Near An Unknown Authority User

Only those who have been in close contact with an Authority user are able to smell the scent, though its not clear which Authority user Rem has been near. Authorities are abilities that Witches of Sin are able to use after they take in and assimilate with the Witch Factor. Theyre not considered good people or abilities to have, though Authorities are incredibly strong and are the opposite of Divine Protections, while also being even more powerful than them.

How Old Is Rem

Re:Zero is split into multiple arcs, each correlating with the original Re:Zero light novel releases. The Re:Zero anime has already depicted the first through third arcs. This gives fans a timeline to understand Rems age.

Despite her childlike appearance, Rem isnt a young girl. Shes actually a teenager. When fans meet Rem during Re:Zeros first season, she and her twin sister are 17 years old. Despite the powerful Oni species blood running through her veins, Rem ages normally as time passes through the series. This means that the longer the show runs, the older her character grows.

Between Re:Zeros third and fourth arcs, Rem turns 18. By the time season two ends, Rem is about to turn 19, given Rem is that age during the fourth arc . This means Rem will be 19 during Re:Zeros third season.

Granted, Re:Zero studio White Fox could always change how Rem ages over time as the anime adaptation continues. So any comparisons between Rems age in original light novels and the anime series should be seen as purely speculative until fans learn more about their favorite maid girl.

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What Are Her Feelings Toward Subaru: Love & Devotion

Rem is very suspicious of Subaru when they first meet because of the smell of the Witch of Envy on him. But Subaru saves Rems life early on in the series after he recognizes the feelings of compassion that Rem and Ram both show him, and he protects her from Demon Beasts.

This is enough for Rem to begin feeling strong feelings of love and devotion toward him, and she is one of his most devoted followers, supporting him even when he doesnt feel good about himself.

What Was Her Family Life Like Growing Up: Lived In Ram’s Shadow

Blender Anime Modeling Rem Part 1 – RE:Zero | Nhij Quang

Ram and Rem were both considered to be on the weaker side regarding Oni powers, which marked them for death in their village. This was because both of them were born with only one horn, which meant they werent able to channel as much mana. But Ram was able to demonstrate a large amount of power in protecting them from being killed. Rem has never become stronger as an Oni and has spent most of her life in Rams shadow, though she was well-loved by her family.

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How Strong Is Her Magic: Stronger Than Most But Weaker Than The Best

Rem is a dedicated scholar of magic in an attempt to make up for her deficiencies in her Oni magic. Roswaal, who has trained Rem in the Water Magic that she most often uses, estimates that her strength and abilities in its use rank in the lower high, meaning shes more powerful than most other users of similar magics. However, she is probably weaker than most incredibly powerful magic users and would have trouble holding her own against them.

Why Did She Agree To Work As A Maid For Roswaal

Even though she was angry and wanted revenge, Ram still put her sister Rems welfare above everything else, including her own life. Roswaal took advantage of this fact and used Rem to force Ram to enter into a contract with him.

If she refused, Rem would die, which is why she reluctantly agreed to work at Roswaals mansion. Her anger at Roswaal for killing her clan had now turned into loathing for threatening Rems life.

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What Changed Her Mind About Being An Ideal Maid For Roswaal

After Gluttony was successful in consuming Rems name, Ram forgot all about the sister she loved and existed for. As such, her hatred toward Roswaal disappeared because now she did not have a reason to hate him. In her mind, Rem was never threatened by Roswaal.

She did not care that much about her oni clan to begin with, which is why the more she worked for Roswaal, the more he cared for her and thus, the more she respected him.

How Old Is Ram From Re: Zero & 9 Other Questions About The Oni Answered

[Render] Rem by SenpieX on DeviantArt

Ram is the twin sister of Rem from the Oni Clan in Re:Zero. Find out how old the Oni is & what kind of relationships she has with other characters.

Even though Re: Zero: Starting Life in Another World debuted in 2016, it is still considered as one of the most popular isekai anime out there, with a level of popularity in the genre that is very rare among fans. The highly memed I love Emilia rejection of Rems feelings played a massive part in popularizing the show even among those who werent fans.

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While many fans obsessed over the dynamics shared by Subaru, Rem, and Emilia, Ram was left in the shadows. Even so, she slowly and steadily managed to win her place in the hearts of fans, especially of those who read the light novels of the anime, where more details about her were revealed.

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La Doncella De La Mansin Roswaal Es Una De Las Personas Ms Increbles Que He Conocido En Los Varios Animes Que He Visto

  • Fecha de estreno: Primavera de 2016
  • Género: Isekai, Psicológico, Fantasía, Drama, Thriller
  • Productora: White Fox

Soy muy fan de animes como Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood o Sword Art Online. Otro que también me gusta mucho, aunque tal vez un escalón por debajo, es Re:Zero. Tras ver las dos primeras temporadas de su anime y jugar al videojuego Re:Zero The Prophecy of the Throne tengo una cosa clara: Rem es uno de los mejores personajes de la historia del anime.

Personalmente, creo que una persona como Rem es de lo mejor que te puede pasar en la vida . Y es que me encantaría, viéndome yo como si fuera Subaru, que alguien me tratara como la doncella de la mansión Roswaal trata a este protagonista. Ojo, no me refiero al plano amoroso, sino simplemente a una amistad como la suya.

How Much Work Does She Do Compared To Her Companions: 80% Of The Housework

Subaru, Rem, and Ram, the main characters of the series, live in a large mansion, and its up to them to maintain its upkeep while they live there. However, the amount of time each of them spends on housework and making sure their living area remains clean is definitely uneven. Rem does 80 percent of the housework while Ram and Subaru share the other 20 percent. This is a pretty uneven breakdown of the responsibilities, and it likely shows that Rem is more responsible than her companions.

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Re: Zero: How Old Is Rem & 9 Other Questions About Her Answered

Rem is one of the main heroines of Re:Zero. Here are some common questions you may have about her.

In an ensemble harem anime like Re:Zero, its important to establish a lot of female characters with different personality traits in order for it to be fun to watch the flustered main hero have to interact with these very different women.

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Rem is one of the main characters of this isekai anime who spends a lot of time with Subaru, the main male character of the series. As one of the main heroines, a lot of the questions about her background are dealt with in the text of the series, while others are more difficult to come across, her age being a good example of such a question as well as the particular role she plays in the group.

How Old Is Ram

Rem Student Version Anime Figure Opening

Ram is introduced to fans in the 4th episode of the first season of the Re:Zero anime. In that episode, her age is 17,the same as her twin sister Rem.

However, unlike many anime characters whose ages remain constant, the twins’ ages are shown to increase with the passage of time within the animes universe. In the first and second arcs, Ram is 17 years old. In the third and fourth arcs, her age is 18, while her age is shown to be 19 in the fifth arc.

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How Old Is Rem: 17

Like most of the characters in Re:Zero, Rem is a teenager during the crux of the series. She does change ages in the series, between the second arc and the third arc. She is 17 in the first and second arc. During the second arc, she and Subaru, along with her sister Ram, are staying in Roswaals Mansion and trying to solve his murder. At some point before the third arc, she turns 18.

How Did She Lose Her Memories: Her Memories Were Eaten By Lye Batenkeitos

In the third arc of the series, Lye Batenkeitos eats Rems memories, completely erasing her personality. As a result, she is put in a state of suspended animation until they can figure out how to get her memories back. Unfortunately, Lye dies, taking her memories with him. She awakens from the suspended animation after about a year and a half, but since Lye has died without returning her memories, she no longer has access to them and doesnt seem to have the same kind of personality at all.

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Does Ram View Roswaal In A Romantic Manner

Ram has complicated feelings for Roswaal. She definitely has more than mere platonic feelings toward him, but it’s tough to say whether her obsession with him is due to her over-dependence on him or because she loves him.

The novel shows how she is ready to give up not only her own life but Rems life as well just so that Roswaal could get what he wanted .

Figurka Anime Rem Re: Zero


Moesz obserwowa tylko 300 wyszukiwa jednoczenie.

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Nie przegapisz adnej oferty!

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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Anime / Manga, Re: Zero ycie w innym wiecie od zera
Re: Zero ycie w innym wiecie od zera
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

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Does She Know It Was Roswaal Who Ordered The Slaughter Of Her Oni Clan

Ram does in fact know that Roswaal was the one behind the attack on her entire clan, but he was not directly responsible for their deaths. He merely gave out the order for their annihilation, and the Witch Cult did the rest.

When Ram learned the truth, she was enraged and swore revenge. However, things did not turn out the way she expected them to and her anger eventually subsided.

Why Did Ram Want The Tome Of Wisdom Gone

Roswaal possessed 2 copies of the original Gospel, and the reason behind this was because he believed in them and their predictions blindly. He believed whatever was written in them would come true without fail, but this rubbed Ram off the wrong way.

She hated how the Tome of Wisdom took him down a dark path, more so because she believed he was capable of being a genuinely good person. This is why she destroyed it at the end of Arc 4.

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Razones Por Las Que Rem De Re: Zero Es Uno De Los Mejores Personajes De Anime

Estos son los motivos que me llevan a defender esta idea.

  • Rem está enamorada de Subaru, pero a este le gusta Emilia. Pese a ello, Rem no tiene ningún tipo de sentimiento negativo hacia Emilia, sino todo lo contrario.
  • Rem siempre está ahí para ayudar a Subaru con todo lo que necesita, pero no es sumisa. Si cree que algo no está bien o que se debe hacer otra cosa, impondrá su punto de vista, aunque tenga que llevarle a rastras.
  • A Rem le gusta Subaru tal como es, incluso con sus partes malas. En más de una ocasión ha dicho que eso también hace a Subaru ser quien es, y que forma parte de su encanto.
  • Subaru pasa momentos bastante malos por sus regresos de la muerte u otros motivos. Mientras que mucha gente huiría de una persona así, Rem siempre está ahí para apoyar a Subaru. La joven le ofrece cuando lo necesita un abrazo reconfortante, o su hombro para llorar.

Y hasta aquí llega este artículo en el que explico los motivos por los que creo que Rem, de Re:Zero, es uno de los mejores personajes de la historia del anime. ¿Estáis de acuerdo conmigo? Os dejo una pequeña encuesta para que reflejéis vuestra opinión, y os invito a dejarla más detalladamente en los comentarios.

Por último, os dejo un par de cosas de Re:Zero que preparé en su día que podrían interesaros:

Na Ile Jeste Zadowolony/a Z Tych Wynikw Wyszukiwania

Blender Anime Modeling Rem Part 2 – RE:Zero | Nhij Quang – Blender 3D

Ten format reklamy jest dostpny w Allegro Ads. Dowiedz si wicej o Reklamie graficznej.

  • to darmowe dostawy i zwroty: Kurierem, do Paczkomatów i Punktów odbioru.

  • darmowa dostawa

    Darmowa dostawato co najmniej jedna darmowa opcja dostawy. W ten sposób wygodniej dokonasz transakcji. Bez dodatkowych kosztów!

  • darmowy zwrot

    to co najmniej jedna forma dostawy z darmow opcj zwrotu. Bdziesz móg zwróci zakupiony towar bez dodatkowych kosztów.

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How Old Is Rem In Re: Zero

Since its second season began last year, anime fans have fallen in love with Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-. The series follows Subaru Natsuki, a teenage shut-in suddenly teleported to a dark fantasy world where he seemingly cannot die.

But its not Subarus exploits that have garnered Re:Zero an enormous fandom. The animes supporting cast is just as memorable as they are adorable.

Take one of Re:Zeros most widely recognized characters, the polite, respectful blue-haired maid girl Rem. Along with her sister Ram, Rem serves Roswall L Mathers, one of the series anti-villains. Throughout the anime, Rem unleashes a range of powerful abilities. Synthesia allows her and Ram to share feelings telepathically, and her Oni form grants her extreme power. But its Rems personality, including her caring relationship with Subaru, that solidified her as a fan-favorite across the Re:Zero fandom.

Despite Rems popularity, theres still plenty of mystery around her character. That includes her age. How old is Rem, and does she age throughout the series? Heres what Re:Zero fans know based on the wider light novel series.


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