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Where Does Bleach Manga Start After Anime

Will Bleach Anime Continue In 2021

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Arc – Official Trailer

For the people wondering about what is Bleach, here are a few points to introduce you to Bleach.

  • Bleach is a Japanese manga comic novel, by Tite Kubo and a TV series was made in the same name.
  • The novel has almost 74 volumes, spanning over 650 chapters.
  • The story is set in a town called Karakura Town
  • The hero, Kurosaki Ichigo, is a 15-year-old high school student.
  • Ichigo is a teenager who turns into a soul reaper due to some unforeseen circumstances, and he now fights evil spirits, thereby, protecting the people.
  • His life takes turns when he faces new enemies and discovers secrets about his life.
  • An anime by the same name as manga premiered in October 2004 and ran till March 2012.
  • The last episode aired was 366
  • Bleach Season 17 will be making a comeback after 8 years and begin from the 367th installment.

All Bleach Arcs In Order

This list presents all Bleach story arcs in order. Each arc shows the number of manga chapters and pages, and anime episodes and minutes. This list also shows the 1st chapter and episode of each arc. Arcs are numbered according to the manga. Arcs with decimal values refer to filler arcs that only appear in the anime. Use this list as a reference to know which chapter and episode each arc begins, and to know which arc is after another.


The Gotei 13 Are Nicer

During the Soul Society arc, the Gotei 13 are shown to be incredibly flawed in their approach to justice, going so far as to blindly believe the word of Central 46 when it is clear that something is amiss.

The result was many captains and their subordinates fighting among one another as they tried to prove which side was just. This lasted until the majority either caught on to Aizen’s plan or flat out rebelled against the system. After Rukia’s failed execution, the Gotei 13 are a lot more open to different plans of attack, though they still keep Ichigo in the dark about their plans to rescue Orihime.

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Black Clover: Where To Start The Manga After The Anime’s Finale

Black Clover‘s anime has officially come to an end, but here’s a breakdown of where to start the manga after the series finale! Ending its nearly four year run with 170 episodes under its belt, Black Cloverhas come to an end but also has left some major nuggets as to what’s to come for the future of the franchise. Because while the anime revealed its open ended finale, Yuki Tabata’s original manga series is still going with new entries each week in the pages of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

For fans wanting to see where the story is going next after Black Clover’s final episode, you’ll want to check out the manga series to see the next phase of the Spade Kingdom saga and the fights against the Dark Triad. As for when in the series you’ll want to pick things up from, Chapter 170 is right where you will be able to pick up reading from where the anime left things off.

The final episode of Black Clovernot only reveals Asta’s mother in full, but her ties to the devil in Asta’s grimmoire. Through the episode, Asta defeats his devil to form a new kind of Devil-Binding Contract as the two of them will move forward as equals. Nacht teases that they only have a couple of days left to train before raiding the Spade Kingdom to stop the Advent of Qliphoth, and all of this happens before the final pages of Chapter 270.

Obito Can Cut To His Heart’s Content

Bleach Anime Release Date Updates: When is Bleach Season ...

Earlier I mentioned that the anime tends to cut out the more horrifying aspects of the manga.

Obito is apparently an exception to that rule. He’s also one of the more tragic characters in Naruto.

Later in Shippuden, we get a glance back at his traumatizing experiences, like when he goes on a rampage against a group of ninjas that took his childhood sweetheart away. Weirdly enough, there was little cut from this massacre in terms of gore. And, believe me, it was violent. Maybe the team realized that Obito’s backstory kind of needed the aspect in order to hit home?

The Chunin exams were arguably the peak of Naruto as an anime according to some. It’s where most people hopped on, and it also convinced them to stay. It wasn’t just a fighting tournament like most other shonen anime, at least not until the last section. But, even when it became an arena-style tournament, fans were excited to see the matchups.

One of the more commonly ignored characters was the weapon-specialized Tenten from Guy’s team.

But, for some reason, only in the anime, Tenten’s fight with Temari was completely ignored to show more of Ino and Sakura arguing.

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Is There Going To Be A Bleach Season 17 English Dub

The producers have yet to give the official Bleach anime return date and have not disclosed whether there will be an English dub or subs. What is only confirmed is that the 17th season is in production and slated for release . Also, the studio has confirmed that some of the Japanese cast members are making a comeback.

It is safe to assume that there will be an English dub considering dubs are pretty popular. Also, it might come out later, after the Japanese version, meaning that fans have to wait a little longer.

The Manga Has A Proper Conclusion

A rather obvious reason to read the manga over the anime is that the manga has a proper conclusion. Of course, given the rather disappointing nature of Bleach‘s ending, the definition of ‘proper’ might be stretched a bit here.

However, it’s still miles ahead of the anime’s conclusion, which comes out of nowhere after a pretty inconsequential Fullbring arc that ultimately accomplishes nothing. Fans of Bleach who want a more satisfying and complete ending should definitely opt for the manga.

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List Of Bleach Volumes


The mangaBleach is written and illustrated by Tite Kubo. The plot starts with Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager who accidentally steals the powers of the Soul ReaperRukia Kuchiki and subsequently assumes her duties while she convalesces. Since that event, Ichigo has to fight Hollows, evil spirits of past humans that feed on unwary people.

The manga was first published in Shueisha‘s Weekly Shnen Jump from August 7, 2001, to August 22, 2016. The 686 individual chapters were collected by Shueisha in a series of 74 tankbon volumes between January 5, 2002, and November 4, 2016. Most chapter names are written in English and have katakana above them to indicate how they are read in Japanese, similar to the usage of furiganaruby characters with advanced kanji characters. The total count of published Bleach chapters and the number on the highest-numbered chapter do not match. This is because, in addition to the positive numbered chapters, some chapters are published with a negative or fractional chapter number. These “negative” chapters are side stories that involve events that precede the main plot of the series.

Viz Media released digital forms of the first 16 volumes in English on June 17, 2011. As of October 2, 2018, all 74 digital volumes have been published. On September 21, 2012, Shueisha released 45 digital volumes in Japanese e-book stores. As of November 4, 2016, all 74 digital volumes have been released.

Bount Assault On Soul Society Arc


This anime-only story arc was created to allow Tite Kubo to publish more material. It has eighteen episodes and aired from August 2006 to January 2007 and the US from December 2008 to April 2009.

This arc goes through the numerous attacks on Soul Society, all centered around the Bount. They are not easily defeated though, because of their ability to absorb the spirit particles Soul Society is made up of to heal their wounds. In the end, a fierce battle between Kariya and Ichigo takes place. Kariya loses the battle and disintegrates. But he is not the last Bount alive. G Koga apologizes for the Bount’s actions and remains with Ran’Tao. The last episode focuses on the groups reminiscing of their lives before they met each other.


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Bleach Season 17 Trailer

On the 20th anniversary of the release of the anime, the artists and Bleach studio have released a trailer of Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Arc. The trailer is set to feature the final arc of the series. The new season is set to release from where the makers have paused in 2012.

In the meantime, grab a look at the Burn the Witch Anime trailer available in Theaters in Japan and on Crunchyroll from October 2nd, 2020.

Bleach Is The Trope Namer For:

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Bleach: The Final Arc Release Date Cast And Plot

“Bleach” was and remains a common stepping stone for fans just getting into anime and manga, and though the series has ended, many still have a sense of nostalgia for it. Written and illustrated by Tite Kubo, “Bleach” follows Ichigo Kurosaki, a boy who can see ghosts and becomes a Soul Reaper when Rukia Kuchiki transfers her powers to him. Known as one of the Big Three alongside “One Piece” and “Naruto” it was adapted into a long-running anime, four movies, several novels, video games, and even a live-action film.

Despite its initial popularity, “Bleach” was canceled in 2012. The show ended with the Fullbring arc and was not given a proper conclusion. Meanwhile, the manga continued with the final arc, The Thousand-Year Blood War, and officially ended in August 2016.

It was revealed last year, per Newsweek, that “Bleach” would be coming back after five years and that the final arc would finally be animated. Here is everything we know about the return of the hit series. Spoilers for the manga ahead.

The Manga Is Much Gorier

Bleach Anime Continuation Update: Artist Teases New ...

Let’s end on a break from narrative differences between the anime and the manga adaptations of Bleach. The toned down gore and violence featured in the anime are some of the starkest contrasts from Kubo’s books. Everything from the amount of blood shown onscreen to the depiction of certain characters’ deaths differences from the source material.

We can thank censorship for these disparities. In fairness, we understand that censorship exists to uphold long-standing rules and regulations. So if you seriously take issue with these sorts of changes, take it up with the lawmakers. Still, it’s weird seeing a guy swing a blade through an opponent, only to see scratches and nicks in the aftermath.

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They Cut The Intensity Mostly

This might be a little odd, but I’m going to start off with a cut that wasn’t so weird. So, the team behind the anime, Studio Pierrot, removed a lot of the gratuitous gore in Naruto.

Not much of a surprise considering Naruto has some pretty hardcore stuff.

But it always bothered me the way Pierrot changed things a lot of the time. One of the primary examples was Orochimaru’s lab. In the manga, the lab was less “high-tech” with bodies hanging everywhere. But, in the anime, it looked a lot more sterile. Rather than bodies, there were organs in jars. Which honestly is worse, in my opinion.

The Artwork Is Sublime

Regardless of what people might think about Tite Kubo’s storytelling chops, readers can’t deny that his artistic skills are beyond compare. Watching this mangaka develop his artistic skills over the course of the manga is an absolute treat.

Some of the best fights in Bleach feel all the more epic as a result of Kubo’s art style. Readers can argue that his artwork is the only reason why the final arc was slightly bearable.

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Will Bleach Anime Return In 2022 All The Latest Updates

One thing about captivating and suspense-rich television shows is that fans will always yearn for more, pushing the production team to their edges in delivering the best. Bleach stands as one of the most common stepping stones for fans getting into anime and manga. Even though the popular series is not anymore, fans have been looking forward to another release. Despite its popularity, the show was cancelled in 2012, ending with a Fullbring arc and wasn’t given a proper conclusion. However, years later, there is a possibility of the anime series’ coming back on screens. So, will Bleach anime return in 2022?

Imagine watching an interesting TV show only to be surprised by a screeching halt in production a few episodes in, leaving you hanging. Sounds heart-breaking, right? It happened to Bleach fans. The anime that was considered by many as one of the most famous Shonen anime of all time ended without an official statement, leaving fans distraught.

Fortunately, the series is returning if the numerous reports are to go by. And, this is eight long years after it ended, a deserved reprieve for fans who have been waiting for its comeback. So, what are the latest updates?

The Anime Ends Abruptly

BLEACH: Thousand Year Blood War â Official Trailer

Well, technically both the anime and the manga feature rushed endings. But whereas the manga screeched to halt after Kubo hurriedly put down his pen, the anime got canceled before it could catch up to Kubo’s books. “Changing History, Unchanging Heart” is the name of Bleach’s 168th episode. The show’s finale is more open-ended than the manga’s – suggesting that the creative team behind the anime hoped to return some day.

In contrast, Bleach’s manga wraps everything up with the series’ final villain Yhwach. We then skip ahead into the future, see that Ichigo and Rukia have married different people, then see their kids display their latent spiritual potential.

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There’s No Filler In The Manga

A rather obvious benefit of reading the manga is that readers can avoid any of the filler present in the anime. While some people actually like watching this filler, the majority of viewers would want their experience to not be marred by these inconsequential arcs.

As a result, the manga’s story has a better flow and feels more natural. The lack of filler means that important story events can be touched upon without having to waste the reader’s time.

The Manga Doesn’t Shy Away From Any Gore

Given the popularity of Bleach, it was only a given that the anime adaptation would be featured on a timeslot where extreme gore and violence were banned. As a result, some of the more brutal moments in Bleach lack the intensity featured in the manga.

Viewers who want their experience of Bleach to be devoid of any censorship should ideally read the manga. It’s a great way to enjoy the series without any compromises in terms of the level of brutality shown in the series.

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What Will Happen In Bleach: The Final Arc

The anime will be animating the last arc, and fans ought to expect to see The Thousand-Year Blood War plot. It starts with Volume 55 and ends with Volume 74. It will centre around the anarchy followed by the sudden disappearance of Ichigo Hollow.

The anime will also feature the return of the Quincy army, led by Ywach, who desires to absorb the Soul King and collapse the Human World, the Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo together. Finally, the anime will probably end as the manga did, with Ichigos son, Kazui, meeting Rukias daughter, Ichika.

The Thousand Year Blood War Arc Spoilers

Best Time Skip Start? Naruto One Piece Or Bleach?

Bleach Season 17 plot will center around the anarchy followed by the sudden disappearance of Ichigo Hollow. The Soul Society is invaded by the secret group, Wandenreich. War is declared between the Quincy and the Shinigami. The period of the disappearance of Ichigo Hollow is explained by the rugged training he undergoes to fight against Wandenreich and save the Soul Society. The finale should answer all the abrupt questions the previous chapters left.

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They Cut Away Jiraya’s Honor

Here comes the Toad Sage. I’m of course talking about Jiraya, one of the three great sages. Jiraya was an absurdly powerful ninja that grew up with both Orochimaru and Tsunade.

Sure he had many faults, but overall he seemed to be the honorable sort of person, like when he agreed to train Naruto.

In the manga, their training starts at the Konoha Hot Springs, but in the anime, Jiraya is a bit flakier. The animated Jiraya attempts to ditch Naruto, who then chases him across town all the way to a nearby river, where the training finally begins. Anime Jiraiya’s a real jerk.


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